Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"That Guy Wearing the Jeans"

Dress Code, Pants
Dress Code, Pants                             Dress Code, Pants

Which pair of pants look most comfortable to you?  Let me rephrase that.  You have instructions sent to you for a specific training program for work.  You know that this type of training involves a lot of hands on rough and tumble type of exercises, but it's not aerobic.  The instructions simply tell you to wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes.  The instructions specifically state no tank tops or shorts.  What do you wear?

I chose jeans.  In fact, that's all that I brought for this week-long training class.  Of course I know I'm pushing it because, after all, it is a training class for work.  It's hard to get away from that professional mentality.  But it's not like the instructions said business casual or else I most certainly would have chosen Khakis with a button up shirt.

On the first day of class I thought I'd at least wear a button up collared shirt to go along with my jeans to even out the possibility that I may be under dressed.  There were 11 other co-workers participating in this class with me.  What did they all choose wear?  Every single one of them wore cargo pants.  I was the only one in jeans.  Ugh!  I was definitely out of place.  It's not like I was inappropriate or anything and I had a really good argument if I was called out for wearing jeans (remember the instructions? COMFORTABLE!).  Well, jeans are more comfortable for me than cargo pants.

I thought that maybe everyone was just doing that for the first day because they thought that would be more acceptable.  Perhaps the second day there would be more jean wearers because we were all introduced and more comfortable with each other and the training administrators.  Well, the second day I was the only one wearing jeans again!

I became "That Guy in the Jeans"... In fact I even heard one of my classmates refer to me that way.  Weird.  I made it through the week unscathed, despite being the only one GUTSY enough to wear jeans.  That's how I'll choose to view my choice in wardrobe, gutsy.  I refuse to be the guy who went against the grain, the norm, the weirdo, etc.  Even though that might be true, I'll just keep telling myself that I was gutsy to choose comfort over acceptable.  Especially since, you know, I was just following instructions!


  1. Don't sweat it. You did what was right for you with the direction of "something comfortable." Let the drones wear their khakis.