Monday, April 15, 2013

Ruined my Week

Well at least a couple of days anyway.

Church Ball, Ward Basketball, LDS basketball

I try to get over to a church downtown once a week to play basketball with some buddies at work.  There's just a few guys I know, everyone else I only know from being there.

I will preface the rest of this post by saying that I act differently on the basketball court than off the court.  I'm aggressive and competitive on the court, and I play hard even though it's just pick up basketball and it doesn't mean anything but exercise.  I know I can be a hot head at times too.  Although I've mellowed out extensively over the years (I'm sure mostly because I've come to terms with the fact that I can't play like I used to).  At least this is a flaw in my character that I recognize and try to work on.  I'm competitive off of the court too, but I think I've learned to utilize that trait positively in my (off the court) life.

In fact,  at times I've been so unhappy with the me that I am on the basketball court, I will not play for months on end just to stay away from that me.  Although my basketball droughts last longer these days because I dread going back and working to get back into playing shape.  I'm sore for a whole week after coming back from a break.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was involved in a little tiff on the court with another guy.  Apparently he doesn't like me playing hard or being boxed out.  So what does he do?  He starts pushing and shoving and elbowing.  Well of course I didn't like that and we had ourselves a little shouting match.  It didn't get physical, so no harm done and we played on.

Then a few weeks after that during another pick up game, this same guy didn't like that I jumped when he gave me a pump fake and subsequently fouled him because of the great pump fake he gave me.  He yelled at me again and said that I play out of control.  Again, he just doesn't like it that I play hard.  Also, he is a high ranking individual where he works, which gives him an added ego.  I can tell this guy does not like to be challenged in any way, shape, or form.  Which is probably why he doesn't like to be boxed out as it's a challenge to his ability to get a rebound, or fouled as it's a challenge to his ability to make a shot.  But it also shows me his level of fortitude when his only response to being boxed out it to push and shove, rather than actually make a basketball play.  Or that his response to missing a shot is to call a foul.  I'm not kidding, this guy calls a foul on 90% of the shots that he misses. 

And I'm not the only one this guy has had run ins with either.  So there's no winning with this guy.  Which I understand, but it sure doesn't make things fun.  But the worst part about this is that it puts me in a downer for a couple of days when usually the workout helps lift my spirits.  I just do my best to put it behind me and the next time I play I don't hold it against him and just keep playing the way I play.  Maybe I should explore this further another time...

Here's to hoping that this guy is more like me and is different on the court than off.  I have a sneaky suspicion that he's not though.  And I don't know this guy at all away from the court.  I can see that he doesn't recognize his bad behavior on the court.  I mean, at what point does a guy realize that he's the common denominator across multiple scuffles?  Maybe never.

But that's not my problem.  My problem is me and how do I respond?  That's the key.  I'm trying to choose to not let it ruin my week.


  1. Yeah, that's too bad when people get SO competitive that they can't realize they might be ruining the game for others. Sad because it SHOULD be a good workout and fun at the same time. I'm glad that you could recognize your behavior and not end up like that guy!

    1. Its usually pretty good ball though. I guess that post sounds more rantish than I thought. Maybe I'll post on how good it can be too! Thanks Aub.

  2. I always respect a good boxout because I've always been a lazy rebounder and when someone boxes me out well it reminds me to put forth more effort on the boards. People are weird.

    1. Well I'm glad to hear that you play the right way. Oh, and that you're not one of the weird guys... :)